Monday, October 1, 2018


Big Post Incoming!

Things have been happening at Evaperated!  I am an absolute Halloween (and October, in general) lover, so this is my favorite month to get festive and have some fun!


WE NOW HAVE SALT OPTIONS AVAILABLE FOR ALL FLAVORS.  You heard that correct.  You can now get any of your favorite Evaperated flavors in salts!  We are starting slow with this and have a limited supply for the trial run.  If all goes well (and so far it has) we will be making it not limited, and will be offering 60ml sizes eventually.  For now you can get 30mls of any flavor!  (Salty versions do not qualify for any free bottles you get with your order, sorry ya'll!)

Now on to the Halloween fun!  CANDY FOR ALL!  Your orders will all come with some edible body parts, zombies, bats... you name it.  Who doesn't love eating eyeballs and toes at this time of year?!

We ALSO have limited edition labels for this month!  All 60mls and 200mls will come with our spooktacular labels!

And on top of that, we are having a scavenger hunt!  Some of you may find a bottle in your order that has a little extra image!  If you are lucky to get one, refer to the legend below to see what you've won, and how to claim your treasure!

AND we are running a special for all of October!

ALSO (hence the title of OOF!) we are launching a new flavor very soon, and yes, it's festive as well!

We hope you enjoy these fun little things!