Wednesday, August 22, 2018

New Special!

The super popular special is back for a limited time!  Grab an extra bottle PER VARIETY PACK.  No limits!  If you order two variety packs, each will come with an extra bottle. 

We are also giving 15% discounts for photo reviews (up from 5%) for a limited time!

Saturday, August 4, 2018

New AND MUCH IMPROVED Website Layout

After SO MANY COUNTLESS HOURS, some cussing, some crying, some homicide and a serious overdose of caffeine, I have completed the new website layout for

I did some customer outreach last week asking if people found my old site easy to navigate.  The feedback was pretty split, and enough people had a hard enough time that I decided to fix it for my customers so that being on our website was no longer painful.


• Hover descriptions on each section's products so you can see a brief description without having to actually click and enter the product's page.

• Quick View - You can now open a quick view from the product catalog pages and order your items without having to go in to their full pages, thus allowing you to quickly close the quick view once you have added it to your cart and you will still be in the catalog with all the products.

• Easier categorization - Thanks to your feedback we realized our menu system was a bit hectic. We have streamlined it down to one menu for our Liquids, divided by easier subcategories.

• Variety Packs and Mystery Packages are now in their own category and will no longer be cluttering up every single other category on the website.

• Want a master list? No problem! Just click on the main menu item 'Evaperated Liquids' and don't click any sub menus. That will populate a list of every liquid flavor we have. Once there, just switch it to list view and voila! A list of all of the flavors with short descriptions right beside them. (List view and grid view are easily switched by the two icons at the top of the catalog pages)

• Shiny new product images depicting a mockup of what your actual bottles will look like. 60ml and 200ml bottles are visible on every liquid product, and soon we will have 30mls on them as well.

• Many other minor tweaks, fixes, adjustments and overall improvements!

I hope you guys like this, and find it easier to navigate and spend time on! As always, suggestions are always welcome, feedback is love, and if you find a bug feel free to show it to me so I can SQUISH IT!

<3 Nap time.