Sunday, July 22, 2018

NEW SPECIAL - New Flavor!

Hello vape world! 

We have a new special running in our store!  It's a GREAT time to try some of our super popular new flavor NANA BOOST free with your orders! 

Nana Boost is a REAL fresh banana (none of that medicine or runt tasting banana!) chillin in some melty vanilla ice cream with pistachio nuts and caramel drizzle.  NOT too sweet, very relaxing and delicious flavor we DARE you not to love! 

Head to and grab your free bottles!

Free 60ml for EVERY $50 you spend in our store (before shipping and tax), as well as our standard free 30ml and sample sized 15ml.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

NEW SPECIAL and some updates!

Hello everyone!

We have a few updates AND a new special to bring to you.

First the updates!

  • We removed our 10ml bottles and variety packs and replaced them with 15ml variety packs and bottles at A LOWER PRICE!
  • We have a new flavor we are about to launch called NANA BOOST.  It is a delicious blend of fresh bananas, smooth cream, pistachio nuts and vanilla with hints of caramel.  Samples are now going out with orders!
  • We now have empty 10ml, 30ml and 60ml bottles on the site.  The bottles are our previous versions of bottles that we used, so they are squishy with blue caps for the 10s and 30s, and the 60s are Gorilla style with blue caps.

Now for the SPECIAL!

Free 60ml with orders over $50
Free 200ml with orders over $100.

Also, free 30ml upgrades will be bumped up to a 60ml instead for orders over $40

(totals must be before shipping and tax)