Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Price Cuts, Future Changes, 200ml Bottles!


Gooood morning people!

200ml bottles have arrived! These will replace our 140ml bottles at A LOWER PRICE. As well, we will be getting 15mls in soon to replace our 10ml sizes. And in the not so distant future, we will offer a 120ml option as well.

We must change all of our bottles to make sure they are compliant with the new regulations.

ALSO, price cuts to ALL bottles/variety packs.

We are gearing up for the future with no promotions allowed. Once that comes in to effect (not before since we can still run specials right now), we will be adding a 30ml bottle to every variety pack that will replace our 'free 30ml' that we always give. Unfortunately we can't offer it to anything other than variety packs as it would have to be listed as free, and that will not be allowed.

So, because of this, we are lowering our prices, and offering you 200mls at a 140ml price (actually less!). We are continuing to work out ways to keep showing you appreciation as we move forward.

The price changes are as follows:

15ml (when available) - $6.95 down from $7.95
30ml - $13.95 down from $16.95
60ml - $25.95 down from $29.95
120ml (when available) - $35.95
200ml (replacing 140ml) - $53.95 down from $55


15ml Var. Pack (when available) - $30 down from $35
30ml Var. Pack - $40 down from $45
60ml Var. Pack - $70 down from $80
120ml Var. Pack (when available) - $100
200ml Var. Pack (replacing 140ml packs) - $140 (same price, bigger bottles)

We hope you will enjoy these changes, and again, we will be adjusting as we go along, and keeping you informed along the way. So
me things might be trial and error, but hopefully not :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

New Special!

Hello!  It is that time again where we switch it up and change what our special is!  This one is pretty good we think :)

Also we will have some exciting news in the next couple of days!

*** Special will change at random date ***

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Regulation Updates


Bill S5 passed Royal Assent today. This means we are now a legal industry and we will continue forward with compliance to bring you your favorite liquids!

However, age verification on all of our packaging is now -legally- mandatory. We have been using age verification for a while now, so most of you are used to it, but just so you all know, every single package legally has to have this from today forward.

BLUE SKY, BITCH! Can no longer be blue :( SAME amazing flavor, just no aesthetics. Such is law, sorry guys!

Also, as I posted about not long ago, our bottles and labels must be compliant. Our labels are, MOST of our bottles are, and the ones that are not that we carry stock in will be put on our website for DIY sales, so you guys can snag them up.

TEMPORARILY our 10ml bottles will be off site until we get our gorilla versions in. So that wont take long, but for now they are going to be taken down until our stock comes in.

As for promotion, flavor names (some of ours need to change) and free bottles go, I am trying to work out FACTS and not gray areas with the regulations so that what I do bring forward in changes are LEGAL and will still make you happy customers. I will post more about all of these particular changes as I get clear, CLEAR, answers. The laws are written vaguely in some areas and I want to make sure we are protected, and you guys are protected <3

WHOLESALE CLIENTS: We will be contacting you via email in the next day or two at the most. We've got your backs too, don't worry <3

I DO have some interesting changes coming, I wish I could say more but I have to iron out a couple of things first.

It's an exciting, and stressful, time for us. But we are happy that regulations are here and the fear and insecurity of not knowing is almost past us.

Thank you ALL for your patience and support through all of this. We mega love you all.


Saturday, May 19, 2018



Well, we couldn't just sit back while we're working and not feel like we are helping you celebrate, now could we?

If you couldn't get in on the sale last weekend, get in on this one!  There wont be a sale next weekend (promise!) so this is the last one for a little while!

Have an awesome long weekend guys! 



Saturday, May 12, 2018

Mother's Day Sale!

This sale will run from Saturday May 12th to Sunday May 13th.
30% off of EVERYTHING in store!

Visit EVAPERATED to get some!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Changes on the Wind!

Wednesday update time!

First off, what you're all waiting for, the giveaway winners! I will be posting those this afternoon, so there is still time for anyone that hasn't, to like/share/comment on the giveaway post to get in on this!

Second, you will notice from today forward that your bottles of Evaperated will have slightly different labels. We have been working diligently to get ahead of the coming regulations (for Ontario AND Bill S5 -Federal-) and have made our labels Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations (CCCR), 2001 compliant on a wholesale as well as retail level.

Also we are moving away from using the word 'PREMIUM'. We stand behind our product and feel that it is premium (quality, complexity, etc), however many people have grown to hate that word, and it IS quite overused.

From now on we will refer to our brand as 'ARTISAN'. We feel this word better suits our brand in the changing vaping climate. We still make every bottle fresh, we don't rely on machinery and we craft every element of your beloved liquids from start to finish, with love, with care and with passion.

Our actual BOTTLES, as well, will all be moving towards branded and real Chubby Gorilla bottles. The reason for this is that, by regulations, the bottles themselves must be (CCCR), 2001 compliant with certificate of proof. Chubby offers this, and has amazing brand support. Our wholesale bottles, moving forward, will all be this way. Retail (our store) will be moving towards this in the coming months as we go through our stock of our regular bottles.

Once regulations drop, if we do still have some of our normal bottles left, we will put them on the website at a very fair price for DIYers to snap up.

We hope you enjoy the changes as we've tried to keep our bottles looking pretty, and being functional, despite all of this. Your happiness is our absolute first concern and priority <3

Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

NEW SPECIAL - May 6th - ???

Good morning/afternoon/evening wherever you are in the World!

Evaperated has launched a new special for you guys to partake in!  We like to switch it up every two weeks roughly, but it's slightly random for when it changes.

You will get the free 60ml if your order is over $40, OR you will get a free 140ml if your order is above $80.  You can choose the flavor you want during checkout.

This time around, you will end up with a free 60ml or 140ml, depending on your order total before shipping and tax.  And YEP you will still get your free 30ml and 10ml as per usual :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Does Vaping Actually Save Lives?

Vaping saves lives is a common saying in the vape community.  We say it proudly, in opposition to our opposition.  We say it loudly so that the media hears us.  We say it boldly to the bodies of Government that are constantly trying to strip us of our rights to make a healthier choice.

We say it.  We mean it.  But why?

I think for each of us, this term has very deep rooted personal meaning.  Each of us has a story, and usually our story would have ended much differently had we stayed smoking.  So vaping changed our story in every sense, and one could pretty easily argue that it changed our story to a much longer, happier and more fulfilling one.

Smoking is a trap that has held so many lives within it's confines.  It tricks us in to thinking we need it, we love it, it soothes us, it's our friend.  It is always there for you, always the one constant thing that comforts us in our darkest times, our outings, our adventures, and every other aspect of our lives.  Our lighter is always with us, and in a weird way, becomes another limb.  We panic if we can't find it.  We get mad if someone takes it.  Don't take my preciousssss!

Many of us tried so many things to get away from our 'friend', the iconic and powerful cigarette.  We tried cold turkey, we tried patches and hypnosis, and in the extreme, pills.  Nothing worked, and if it did, it didn't work for long.  That old friend was always there waiting for us, right?  So easy to just have a visit, just once... one last time, right?  That one visit led to another, and another, and soon we were back to being inseparable from Mr. Ciggy again.

When vaping came along in our lives, most of us were mind blown from the first pull.  Something about it immediately felt like hope.  Something about it felt right.  

This could be it, this could be what saves me!

For me, I had this feeling inside of me that started at the pit of my stomach, and quickly radiated through my entire body with that first puff off of my tiny ciggalike starter setup.  I just knew this would work, and as I sat there beside my mom (who was also using her first vape setup with me by the way), knew it would work for her.

Over five years later, I am smoke free.  My mother is smoke free.  My husband doesn't have to worry about me digging myself a slow grave anymore.  Vaping did save our lives, at least against the evils that come along hand in hand with smoking cigarettes.

Every one of us has a similar story.  A success story, one of triumph over a habit that rivals heroine.  We tell it with pride, we tell it to those that want to listen, and more importantly, to those that don't.

There is science behind our claims now.  There are doctors standing with us.  There are bodies of Government (albeit few) that are starting to stand with us and at least admit that vaping is NOT smoking.  Things are changing, we are changing the future.  It is actually that severe.  Disease from cigarettes are one of the leading cause of death in the world.  When you take something like vaping, that is claimed to be 95% safer than smoking, and get people to make the switch, the future looks a LOT brighter doesn't it?

Most of us are facing a Government that is trying to tear us down.  Call it what you want; corruption, big pharma, big tobacco, greed... they want us to go away.  What they don't realize is that when you try and pry away something that saved our very lives, we will fight you back with every breath in our bodies so that others that are still smoking will have the opportunity to walk away from a life long addiction that will kill them. 

Keep fighting. 

We don't just fight the Government though.  We will hear those that say vaping is 'bad for you', vaping is 'stupid, vaping LOOKS 'stupid', if you vape you might as well smoke etc.  The glaring ignorance is sometimes hard to ignore.  It's hard to not get indignant and defensive when you read or hear these things coming from people that clearly do not have the slightest inclination of how hard it was to quit cigarettes before we discovered vaping.  Even still, some struggle to quit despite the miracles of vaping.  Smoking is a habit that takes a hold of you quickly and never wants to let you go.  Much like any serious addiction.  These people haven't faced their monster yet, but we have.

But when confronted with such high levels of ignorance, the best thing you can do is sum up your story, tell it, be proud, and ignore the rest.  We know what vaping is, what it means to us, our families, and equally as important, people still struggling with cigarettes.  Those people are the ones that need us, that need our attention, because YES, VAPING SAVES LIVES.

Keep vaping my friends,