Thursday, April 26, 2018

A Sale? Why YES!

So, this weekend is the weekend that the CVE happens in Alberta.  We haven't been blessed with being able to attend these events as we are a very teeny tiny little company that requires both of us at attention 24/7.  If one of us left it would be too much for the other to handle, and if we both closed down in order to go to one of these, our customers would suffer for it.

That being said, we can STILL participate in a small way by offering everyone in Canada a sale in the spirit of the CVE!

From Friday to Sunday (to be specific, Midnight PST TONIGHT until midnight PST on Sunday) you can use the code CVE2018 at checkout to receive 20% off of your entire order, including hardware and variety/mystery packs at EVAPERATED.COM.

ALSO, since expos tend to have people walk away with swag from every booth, all orders placed during the sale will get EXTRA swag in their packages.  Wristbands, extra vape bands, and a variety of our lovely durable stickers!

That is NOT all!  Since expos also have contests and prize draws, we will be drawing THREE NAMES on Monday from everyone that placed an order over the weekend, and each will win a $100 coupon code to our store.  We will email the winners and post them when we do the draw.

Maybe one day we will be able to get to a convention, if they still exist after the S5 regulations.  If not, we will figure something out do
wn the line in order to spend some time with all of you and hang out while we vape delicious things!

In the meantime, enjoy this sale and thank you, as always, for all of your support!

Cheers, and happy CVEing if you are attending!

- Evaperated

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Jenkies, it's a Mystery!

We have some NEW NEW over at our store!  

Are you unsure what flavors out of our massive catalog you want to try?  Not sure what to pick in that variety pack?  We hear you...

That's why we've added Mystery Packages to our store!  With a Mystery Package, you put your future vaping fate in our hands.  Select one of the three price options and we will mix and match bottle sizes and flavors that we think you would enjoy based off of your answers to a few questions on the ordering page.

Being that they are MYSTERY packs, suggestions are not allowed, and if made, will be disregarded so we can keep the mystery alive!  Just leave it up to us!

Also, a very rare unicorn may appear in some Mystery Packs that will bestow upon you a piece of hardware!  This doesn't happen often, but it DOES happen.  That unicorn is shy and doesn't like to come around every day.  Maybe put out a rainbow apple for him?

Head over to Our Mystery Package page and go on a little vaping adventure!


Welcome to Our New Blog!

Hello ladies and gentleman, and even werewolves and vampires!

We, at Evaperated, have always tried to bring you our latest in deals, promotions, information, updates, crazy lab events (especially during the full moon) and other such important and interesting things.

We used Reddit a lot, as contrary to popular belief, not EVERYONE uses Facebook!  However, Reddit decided to slam the ban hammer down on anyone in the vape industry using their platform to promote eliqid, no more contests and giveaways, no more linking to our amazing deals.

That led us to come here, to start a new blog that we can control and link to ON Reddit, and other biased social media websites, so that YOU can stay up to date with what is going on over here.

We might even use this to bring back the fun lab stories that a lot of people fell in love with.

So please, bookmark this blog and look for us letting you know when we've updated here with something you might find interesting.

Thank you for visiting, we hope that Pickles the wolf didn't growl at you or give you fleas while you were here.